Get Ahead with Industrial Education: the Benefits of Learning Skilled Trades

Get Ahead with Industrial Education: the Benefits of Learning Skilled Trades

Gone are the days when conventional education was considered good enough to enter an industry and work efficiently. With the recent developments in the working environment, skill has surpassed theoretical knowledge and has proven to be the most important asset in a working environment.

That’s where Industrial education comes into the picture. We define Industrial education as the process of acquisition of necessary knowledge required to plunge into an industry and carry out all the operations smoothly and efficiently. It can also help individuals to excel in the existing career through best practices acquired from industrial education.

Our education system is such that we rely heavily on theoretical knowledge, raising degree holders who are non-competent to the industrial environment. Hence, to build a workforce that understands the functioning of the industry requires Industrial literacy. 

In a fast-paced world that moves with the ideology of ‘Survival of the fittest’,one must acquire industrial skills to fit the developments of the workplace.  That’s when skills come handy. A worker who is well-skilled and highly-equipped with industrial knowledge is most likely to become an asset to the company. Industrial education results in increased competency and better suitability for equipment heavy work environments. This not only sets apart experienced people but also helps in producing a lot of industry-ready freshers. Upskilled workers contribute to increased productivity, smooth operations and a fast working environment. Industrial education not only saves training resources but also helps in saving the time for the freshers who depend on industry exposure to learn the skills needed for a job. A well educated employee is also aware of his strengths and weaknesses and hence plays to his strengths and constantly tries to improve his weak ends, resulting in minimum errors and maximum productivity. 

We are living in a world of rapid-changing industrial standards. The advent of COVID-19, transformed the employment scenario and altered the conventional ways of industrial working. It not only resulted in loss of jobs but also created multiple opportunities. However it was a testing time for those who lacked industrial knowledge and relied heavily on theoretical skills. This made the gap between theory and practice quite visible and hence made room for the development of skill based learning and industrial education. The world has also witnessed increased demand for online learning content which offers bespoke knowledge to the learners from the trainers across the world. 

Today, many industries prefer well-trained employees in place of well-educated ones. Majority of companies conduct practice based interview rounds where an individual’s skills are put to test. Companies prefer employees who are better at implementation than the ones who hail from a better college or have better grades. Students are also getting aware of this fact and hence they are preferring industrial training, certificate courses and real-life exposure over the traditional degrees that impart theoretical knowledge. This stands true not only for freshers but also for the existing employees who need to upskill every now and then to match the industry standards. 

Industrial education can help people to upskill and adapt to the rapidly growing work environment. With the advancement in technology, one must be hands-on with the new tools and equipment introduced in the workplace. Industrial education not only results in better output but also enhances the feeling of inclusivity in employees. Upskilling by harnessing Industrial education can help a layman start a highly technical business and succeed in the venture as well. The learners are better adapted to the new system than the ones who neglect the importance of being industry ready. 

Another advantage of Industrial education is upgrading in your present jobs. We all have come across the saying, ‘Change is the only constant’. It stands true for the current industrial scenario as the ones who don’t adapt to change no longer fit in a particular industry. Hence, recognising the loopholes in our own skills and taking industrial education from time to time results in better chances of promotion in your current job. 

Industrial education can not only help you with your current job but can also add wings to your entrepreneurial journey. The people who are thinking of starting their own business need to have in-depth knowledge of the industry and its working. The courses which are aimed at making people learn with a practical approach prove to be beneficial at a stage like this. A beginner can’t enter an unknown industry and rule the market by just applying his theoretical knowledge. Garnered with industry experience, technological exposure and first hand usage of various equipment, one can be fully prepared to begin entrepreneurship.   

The factors listed above have established the importance of industrial education and the rising need for it. However, the conventional curriculum is of no use when it comes to industry applications. Filled with a database that imparts knowledge away from the real world, we need to change our study patterns to build employees and individuals who are highly equipped to operate in any industry. The curriculum must be built by industry experts and should focus on applications of products and services. Filled with practical information and implementation, the education imparted should be a guide manual to make industry ready professionals. Although we can find such courses online, there is no course designed specifically for a working professional at a particular designation. 

This is the loophole we identified in the market and to fill the gap, we curated an idea, and BBU was born. 

BluBird University (BBU) is an online learning platform created to make industrial education easy and accessible to everyone. Curated to meet the practical learning requirements of the professionals as well the workforce as a whole, BBU is an unconventional e-learning platform. Here at BBU, we have designed a holistic curriculum to provide necessary skills to various working professionals and upskill them to make them more competent in the workplace. Connecting learners and educators from different parts of the world, we are striving to build an environment which imparts insightful education about the workings of an industry.

To understand in detail, let us illustrate the working of BBU by taking an example of a person X. Say, X is underskilled for the work he does and decides to enroll in one of our courses related to his industry. 

Designed with the purpose of making people industry-ready, BBU is not just another conventional online learning platform. It  is a one-stop-shop destination for the people who want to cover the gap between school-based knowledge and real life skills. 

As the world is moving forward, the value of Industrial education is increasing exponentially. People are growing on the basis of their skills and bookish knowledge is losing relevance. In times like these, it becomes a necessity to be industry ready by diving deep into the workings of an industry and upskilling on a daily basis.

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