How to Select an Air Hose

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In this course, we will cover key terms related to air hoses such as kink memory, coil memory, abrasion resistance, and more. Whereby, with course progression, you will also learn about how to choose an air hose that meets your specific needs for optimal performance and durability.
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Course Lessons:

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In this course, we'll delve into essential terms related to air hoses that you'll come across frequently. We'll begin with "kink memory," and then, will hop on to other terms like "coil memory," "abrasion resistance," "working pressure," "Burst pressure"and more. 

We will learn these key terms highlighting the maximum pressure the hose can endure under regular operating conditions without leaking or rupturing. Ensuring safety, we'll understand the significance of the "safety factor," along with an important term used in air hoses that is "CFM rating". 

Later on, we'll explore the different selection criteria for air hoses. We'll cover 'inner diameter,' 'length,' 'temperature resistance,' 'abrasion resistance,' 'pressure rating,' 'CFM flow rate,' and more. By considering these criteria, you will be able to choose the right air hose for safe and effective use as per your requirements.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn the key terms used frequently for certain scenarios in  air hoses.
  • You will gain knowledge of essential air hose selection criteria such as inner diameter, length, pressure rating, CFM flow rate, and more!
  • You will understand "coil memory" and its effect on pressure drop at the tool tip.
  • Understand how each criterion impacts performance and suitability.
  • Importance of abrasion resistance and pressure rating for durability and safety.
  • Make informed decisions for selecting air hoses that fit your needs.