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This course focuses on the Single Arm Hose Reels that are designed by BluBird Industries along with how to troubleshoot problems associated with it. It comprises the working mechanism, parts and their purpose, material used for each part along with the applications and industries Single Arm Hose Reels can be used for.

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This course particularly focuses on Single Arm Hose Reels and its Troubleshooting. This course dissects the key components and functionalities of the One Arm Hose Reel, and offers a comprehensive understanding of its design. 

These hose reels feature an L-shaped support leg for enhanced stability during use, ensuring the hose reel remains steady during operation. The adjustable guide arm is capable of rotating in five different directions at 70-degree angle each, adding versatility to hose deployment.

They comprise of some key important parts such as Adjustable Guide Arm, Drum, Four Non-Snag Rollers, Hose Stopper, Shaft, Bush, Locking Ratchet Mechanism, Swivel Inlets, and some small parts like Guard Spring, O-rings, Snap Rings, Clamps, and more that puts everything together.

Hose Reel size options cater to hoses of varying lengths and operational requirements, offering flexibility for different applications. Additionally, these hose reels come in different sheet metal thicknesses to suit different usage intensities.

Mounting options include fixed or pivoting bases, allowing adaptability for various locations. Swivel mounting brackets further enhance usability by reducing arm tension and allow bidirectional movement of up to 140o .and 180o.

In terms of applications, hose reels find utility across a diverse range of industries, including automotive, construction, aviation, agriculture, and more. They are categorized based on their field of operation, such as air, water, or pressure washing, to meet specific needs. These all are under the umbrella of Blubird Industries by the name Blubird, Avagard, OilShield, and Blueseal air hose reels.

By the end of the course, you should be able to troubleshoot the issues associated with this type of hose reel such as adjusting the spring tension and more.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn how the BluBird Industries' single arm hose reels help organize hose storage and lead to damage prevention.
  • You will understand what part of the hose reel goes where and also what purpose it serves such as adjustable guide arm, drum,non-snag nylon rollers, adjustable hose stopper, L-shaped base, ratchet, pawl, shaft, snap-ring, and much more.
  • You will get to know the operation of spring-driven hose reels and the role of a durable spring along with the latch and pawl mechanism in hose retraction.
  • You will also learn the role of the drum in holding hoses and determining their capacity along with the adjustable arm that can rotate at 70 degrees each.
  • In between, you will learn how guard springs and hose clamps protect and secure hoses during use along with the importance of swivel inlets.
  • You will get to know how potential energy is generated during hose extension and how it is stored and utilized in the Spring.
  • These hose reels are available in two types: heavy-duty 18-gauge reels for demanding tasks and 20-gauge standard reels for everyday use.
  • There are various sizes available from small to XL, and can handle different hose lengths with ease, whereby thicknesses, and color codes of hose reels are also distinct.
  • The flexibility of mounting options, includes fixed and pivoting bases where a bidirectional movement of up to 140o and 180o is available.
  • The diverse range of industries and applications where hose reels are employed.
  • The different series of hose reels provided by BluBird Industries, each tailored to specific field applications such as air, water, and pressure washing.
  • You can adjust the tension of the spring on your hose reel to make it work better by following the guided instructions.